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I found this cute doujinshi, I laughed all the way while I was reading it!


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BY: もぎる

|30 Days of HxH Challenge. Day 14: Your OTP.|

Part 4: Meruem/Komugi

I swear I’m almost finished. 

I really, really like how their relationship develops. It makes perfect sense and it goes slowly enough that you can see where it comes from but it doesn’t take too much time from the main story. Overall I like how Togashi writes romance because he makes it subtle but obvious enough and it generally flows quite well. 

Chapters 317 and 318 are so beautiful they make me cry every time. That’s true devotion and respect for each other. OMG when they both say they were born for that moment that’s the most romantic thing ever. 

And they really make a good couple. Komugi teaches Meruem humility , which is something no one else could have taught him. They’re interactions are lovely, he’s always so serious and she’s so silly. Despite how bizarre their circumstances are they’re actually a very realistic pairing. 

My song for them is Never Let Me Go by Florence And The Machine, which gives me a lot of feelings saasfdgfg. 

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My Top 2 Anime Character I Wish Exist In Reality :

2. Hisoka (HxH)

1. Illumi Zaoldyck (HxH)

What’s yours?

I’m sorry, reblogging because of the picture ♥

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