you better believe it’s fucking scary when im angry, yo. \(è___é)\ 
some other aspects though…i don’t…really see it. 

Blood type A (ノ◕ヮ◕)*:・゚✧

Blood type B, yo! 

Blood type O. xDDD

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26 Like snow in summer or rain in harvest,
    honor is not fitting for a fool.
Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow,
    an undeserved curse does not come to rest.
A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey,
    and a rod for the backs of fools!
Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
    or you yourself will be just like him.
Answer a fool according to his folly,
    or he will be wise in his own eyes.

Fck I bought all the items needed to pass the first test of the wizard job change but in the end they’ll let you pass IF you are job level 50…and I am…what a total waste of zeny :| :| :| gah I’m an idiot.

okay I just opened the vault

now what’s next?? LOL

EDIT: LOL apparently, I wasn’t the only one who asked what the ending is. BUT I CAN’T FECKING UNDERSTAND WHAT THE TRUTH VIDEO IS SAYING


After this question I’ve had a few questions about learning HTML/CSS and general theme making. I know many people suggest the best place to start is w3schools - and it’s a great resource for basics but another interesting site I would recommend is CodeAcademy.

CodeAcademy is basically an online course which is absolutely free. Absolute beginners would start with Web Fundamentals but there are also other courses: Javascript Fundamentals, jQuery and a little programming (Code).

I think it’s a fun way to track what you learn, getting to play around with settings, you earn points as you move along and can even compare notes with your friends and stuff. So if you’re interested in the basics of HTML have a go, and tell me what you think.

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So I finished AC1 and is so über ready (not to mention, excited bec AC1 is such a cliffhanger) to play AC2—finished installing it and such—but I can’t get it to work :| so I guess I’m stucked with ME2 until my brotha does his job right — which isn’t actually a bad option.


Taken with instagram

Me right now and I’ve got to finish AC1 and then ME2, and then the rest of AC, then ME3 again. HOW do I do that in like, 4 days (theoretically speaking), huh?

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gyapo: Tumblr Theme Maker Masterpost


I’m annoyed and tired of seeing people reposting my tumblr theme maker listography on tumblr and claiming it as their own, so I’m just going to post in on my own tumblr just for the sake of it.

the plain white hipster themes

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really japan really

WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN LIKE KURAPIKA THAT MUCH i am re-reading the manga from the beginning again and THERE IS NOT ONE THING THAT MAKES KURAPIKA STAND OUT BESIDES HIM BEING A SMARTASS??????????????????????? like at this point in the manga they have no real reasons for liking him imho

also why does everyone like kaito I DO NOT UNDERSTAND

Um, hello to the person with the comment above. Um, actually when I first watched the original HxH anime (I think that was between the year 2000 or 2003 — I am sorry I really do not remember but I guess I was around 12 years old) my favorite character was Kurapika. IDK, I just really like him back then, I suppose it’s partly because I really like intelligent(?) people? Actually, now, I think I really like Gon.

Now, I am 21 years old and have watched the original anime until the last episode of the OVA and have read the manga to the last chapter before Togashi went on hiatus, I will also tell you that I really like Kaito and TBH I do not like the part where [SPOILER] he becomes reincarnated (if that’s what you’d call it) because I really like him.

So, you know, everyone’s got different views and I guess it’s what makes a person that decides which or what s/he likes. And, if that’s how Japan voted (back then) maybe it’s got something to do with us being Asians? Sorry I’m not really saying it’s because of that but just maybe.

And I’m sorry if this is really long.

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When you’ve planned out a whole story idea in your head and you’re so excited to write it but then you open up a blank word document to begin and realize that you actually know absolutely nothing about it and you’re completely lost in a sea of vague plot details and random dialogue. 

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